How to prepare?

To prepare generally you should as a minimum

  • Go through the last four Training Bulletins and make sure your Instructor Manual has all the updates. This is REQUIRED before starting of any Instructor Development Program.
  • Watch the PADI Open Water Diver videos (1 to 5) or the PADI OW CD ROM and review the new editions of the Open Water Diver Manual, Adventures in Diving, Rescue and Divemaster Manuals.
  • Make sure that all your skill demonstrations are up to scratch.
  • Use the Diving Knowledge Workbook to review the five theory modules (Physics, Physiology, Skills and the Environment, Equipment and the RDP) or you can Sign Up to PADI Dive Theory Online.
  • Review your Instructor Manual, Aquatic Cue Cards, Open Water Manual, Advanced etc. to become familiar with the layout and the content.
  • Look at the quizzes from each course (Open Water to Dive Master).
  • Review the checklist of required paperwork for the Instructor Development program and make sure you have everything.
  • Sign Up for the Instructor Development Program Online or PADI eLearning.
  • Review your check list.


What to bring?

To have at the 8:00am registration session. Start the evening before the dates on the program schedule

  • Three photos.
  • Medical exam (within the past twelve months).
  • EFR within the last two years (if not, we are more than happy to get you updated!).
  • Logbook with proof of at least 60 dives.
  • All certification cards (or certificates) from Open Water to Dive Master (or equivalent).
  • Tuition fees.
  • Sun block, hat , pens, tabs, etc.
  • Miscellaneous stationary and note taking materials.
  • Dress is informal – shorts and a T-shirt are acceptable.

Note: To attend an IE you must have at least 100 logged dives.

Instructor Candidate Materials


IDC Crew Pak

  • PADI Instructor Application.
  • Brochures and other course documentation.
  • Confined & Open Water Lesson Planning Slates.
  • Confined & Open Water Cue Cards.
  • Advanced Open Water Instructor Cue Cards.
  • Rescue Diver Instructor Cue Cards.
  • PADI Professional Reference Collection on DVD .
  • (Risk Management Duty of Care video + PDF Manuals – The Best of the Undersea Journal; Children and Scuba Diving; The Business of Diving; The Law and the Diving Professional)
  • Open Water Diver Quizzes & Exams Booklet.
  • Rescue Diver Final Exams Booklet.
  • Divemaster Final Exams Booklet.
  • Divemaster Final Exams booklet.
  • PADIs Guide to Teaching Manual with Instructor Hologram.
  • Positive Approach Selling DVD.
  • Specialty Course Instructor Manual (Digital, Multilingual version – English, Dutch, French, Spanish).
  • PADI Backpack.

Fins, mask, snorkel, buoyancy control device with low pressure inflator, regulator, alternate air source, submersible pressure gauge, weight system (if necessary), appropriate exposure protection (for water temperature 22c-29c), timing device, depth gauge, compass, knife/ diver’s tool, slate, dive table and an emergency signaling device (e.g. whistle, flare, signal tube, etc.).Tanks and weights are provided at no charge!

Free Pre Instructor Development

You can have a ‘Brush Up Day’ or join the Free Pre Instructor Development prior your Instructor Development program.

This is not only a chance for a relaxed review of any areas where you may lack confidence but also an opportunity to meet and socialize with other candidates. Enrollment is limited to candidates attending our Instructor Development programs.

Over the course of the preparation days we’ll put together a schedule to work around your needs. There is also an opportunity to catch up on the PADI videos you may not seen for a while and become familiar with the very latest in training aids. You can pull ideas from the following modules, but feel free to make other suggestions.

  • Physiology.
  • RDP and eRDPmL.
  • General Skills and Environment.
  • General Standards and Procedures.
  • Pool session – skill review, tanks and weights are provided at no charge.
  • Academics and Confined water evaluations, AI’s only.
  • Review of any module from the Open Water Course or Section of the Instructor Manual.

To attend an IE you must

  • Successfully complete a IDC/ OWSI program within 12 months of the start date of the IE.
  • Have been a certified diver for at least 6 months and have proof of at least 100 logged dives.
  • Present an Instructor Certificate of Completion signed by a Course Director.
  • Present an IE enrollment form and appropriate IE fee.


Preparation is the key to success at any Instructor Development program. To give you every chance to succeed with your Instructor Development program and IE please use this checklist as your guide to success.

Reviewed the five areas: Physics, Physiology, Skill and the Environment, RDP and Equipment from the Knowledge Workbook and Encyclopedia and:

  • Practice rescue skills (exercise #7 from the Rescue Diver Course) to a level where you feel could demonstrate rescuing a non-breathing victim at the surface.
  • Practiced all 20 skills in the Divemaster Skill Circuit to a level where you can demonstrate each to a score of 4 or above.
  • Have your own Instructor Manual to use during the Instructor Development Program and IE and have up-to-date editions of the General Standards & Procedures, Discover Scuba, Seal Team, Bubble Maker, to Dive master.
  • Reviewed General Standards and Procedures in Instructor Manual.
  • See the PADI Open Water videos (1 to 5) or the PADI OW CD-ROM within the past six months and review Open Water Diver Manual.
  • Review the list of paperwork you need to bring to the registration session and contact Magne or Frank with any problems.

We wish to make every effort to assist you to prepare. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, we are more than happy to answer them, or come to our Free Pre IDC days.

Enroll now!