Nitrox Diving

Nitrox Diving and courses are becoming more popular as divers discover dive sites that they have never seen before. The Basic Nitrox course offers dives for longer no-decompression limits. For example you can stay in the Canyons at a depth of 27 metres or 90ft for 40mins without any decompression. So you now see a lot more as you can take your time to explore.

The Advanced Nitrox Course takes you to greater depth’s safely as you now start to learn more about decompression using a 50% decompression tank and dive tables that allow us to make dives to a depth of 42 metres or 140 feet.

The Technical Nitrox course takes us deeper again to some of the best dive sites that we have discovered like Sweet Lip Corner, Secret Reef, The Deep Drop Off, La Laguna Walls and many more. We are always looking for more to give you a better reason to dive with us.

The dive center now has 3 Advanced Nitrox Instructors and a Technical Instructor offering courses on Closed Circuit Rebreather. Trimix dives are also available.

The dive center now has a new selection of technical dive equipment for rent to ensure safe and trouble free deep dives.

Extreme Diving

Dives which where considered extreme are now possible, so if you like a bit more adventure Extreme Diving is the way to go. Smaller groups of divers who have the advanced experience that have seen most of the dive sites in Puerto Galera. There are many dive sites in Puerto that are for the advanced only.

An Extreme Diver is checked out by our dive guides before taking part in one of the adventures. The size of the group is limited and each diver is briefed to cover all that is expected and maybe what is not expected before the dive. It may sound a little crazy but it’s an experience only for the experienced.